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It has been awhile since I last posted a blog, but so much has happened.  As in all of our lives.  In June, I decided to finish my degree at the American College of Healthcare Sciences.  I only had four more classes to finish, so I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I doubled up on the two electives and two core classes that I needed and studied..

On January 10th I was done with all of the classes and finals.  I passed!!! My degree is Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, HHP, which I am very proud to have accomplished this journey.  Then my dad, best buddy, confidant and love of my life passed peacefully away.

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Bite Me!

Turmeric…is a spice. Native to Indonesia and southern India.  It was traditionally known as “Indian saffron” and has been harvested for more than 5,000 years. It contains curcumin which is very useful in preventing cancer.   I have discovered how wonderful it is for loosing weight, increasing HDL,(good cholesterol) inflammation, joint pain, digestion, and Alzheimer Disease.   It promotes optimal health.

You can simply add it to almost anything that you eat.  It has a bit of a smoky, spicy flavor.. and can bring some extra added heat to any dish.  One thing to watch when using Turmeric is that it stains.  It stains your counter top, fingernails, clothing, etc.. It pairs nicely with vegetables, rice, eggs (deviled eggs), and lentils.  I particularly like it on cauliflower.  Whenever you use it add it toward the end of cooking.  It’s simply delicious!


The Eyes have it!  They should be sparkling, lively, and clear..


..The eyes are like a lamp for the whole body.  If your eyes are sound, your whole body will be full of light.-Matthew 6:22


Cooking with Cast Iron/ Will Boost your Iron intake

       Iron is  most abundant mineral on Earth, and the most abundant trace mineral found in the body.  The weight of a dime of Iron is equal to 2300 milligrams of iron in a female that weighs 130 lbs.  It is a key component to our blood.  It is not secreted from our body by stool or urine.  It is absorbed into the body and very little is left.  Most iron is cycled and reused.  Iron loss usually comes from bleeding.

Iron sources are meat, poultry, fish, black beans, oatmeal, and believe it or not, total cereal!

To enhance Iron supplies in your body.. Eat Iron rich foods with vitamin C.. better bang for the buck!  Example:  Peanut butter sandwich paired with an apple or orange, on whole grain bread. Iron is needed for brain function.  Also cooking in a cast iron skillet increases it by about 3%!  Iron is especially important in women!!! When they feel tired and have no energy.. check your iron.


My new favorite accessory to my vegetables is “Sweet Baby Rae’s ” barbecue sauce!  Contains no sugar, it is so good.  love… So here is my new dinner special.

Recipe:  Cauliflower and onions, black beans, rinsed and drained, sliced cauliflower like a steak. Steamed in chicken or vegetable broth until fork tender.  Add Turmeric toward the end of cooking along with salt and pepper.  Add Sweet Baby Rae’s dressing, about two tablespoons per head of cauliflower.  You can also grill the cauliflower and add the dressing, it’s fantastic!  I eat the entire head and full as a tick, as my dad would say!


The color Yellow!  Spring is coming so I chose the color yellow!   Not for everyone, but it is always a color that captures our attention.  Lemons, daffodils, sunflowers, and egg yolks. It is truly the color of happiness, sunshine, hopefulness and gratefulness and feeling positivity. It represents courage, caution.



I know that people struggle with their diet, and have made New Years Resolutions to lose weight. Stop dieting and try this: I stopped eating dairy, except for eggs, and red meat about 4 1/2 years ago.  Added whole grains, not whole wheat.  For me, I haven’t missed the meat or dairy.  Try it for 10 days and see how much better you feel.  I weigh less and eat much more food.

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Eat your way through Cancer..


Hi everyone! Remember to make a memory each day, and don’t apologize for who you are!…Rebecca

I pray for many people that have been diagnosed with cancer.  My own family has been diagnosed  with Cancer, friends, old and new…

Eating to fuel our bodies is the best ways to help prevent cancers.  I know I talk a lot about eating certain foods and what they do for you, but today my focus is on eating to put or bodies back to the homeostasis balance that they naturally need to function as a well oiled machine! I have met amazing people that have literally eaten their way to becoming “HEALTHY AGAIN”!

Foods that rejuvenate our internal organs help to eliminate the degenerations that cause cancers.  Today I am going to talk about food..(diets)?.. I don’t like the word DIET… foods that eliminate the cause of cancer and help the body heal itself.

Side bar:  When I was younger and watching my food intake, everyone would say.. this  “you are always on a diet”, ” why are you always on a diet?” It’s not a diet, it is a way of eating, for the rest of your life.

Herbs, sproute seeds, seaweeds, grains, cleansing diets of fresh vegetables, and fruit are all clean.   Red meat’s are prohibited from the diet because of the sometimes poor source of quality of the animals.

Chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, parasites, radiation through electronics and fluoridated water.  Rancid oils, Polyunsaturated oil and other synthetic fats and shortenings, all contribute to an unhealthy diet.  Toxins feed Cancer. 

So lets get you all to the eating plan for the rest of your life.


  • Meats
  • Saturated fats
  • Dairy
  • Refined sugar
  • White flour
  • Excessive intake of calories to make you overweight
  • Alcohol


  • Primarily grains
  • Vegetables
  • Seaweeds
  • Legumes
  • Sprouts
  • Omega 3’s
  • Whole fruits, (not the juice of the fruits because when it is processed there is sugar added.
  • Wheat grass
  • Pure Clean Water

No matter what the illness, diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, you can help heal yourself by eating.

The very first thing to eliminate from your diet is:



3-Additives, (additives are anything that gives a produce shelf life) this is why you need to focus on perimeter shopping when at the grocery store.  Most of these type products that are worthy of your body are found around the perimeter of the store.

The only things that I purchase in the aisles are, Coffee, Tea, Beans, Olive Oils, mustard, anchovies,  grains and vinegars, oh… also tuna in olive oil!  the best.

I had a friend of mind that was having some tummy troubles, (bloating)  I told her to start her day by drinking water with fresh squeezed lemon juice.  It detoxes your liver and boost your metabolism, also calms your tummy.  She wanted to use bottled lemon juice,  this is an example of what not to do!  Bottled lemon juice, even if they say all natural, they are reconstituted and have additives.  Just check the label. I checked out the Wal-Mart brand that my sister had in her refrigerator.  The label says “100% Lemon Juice! Natural Strength, Great for Cooking or Lemonade!”

Turning the bottle slightly to the side and I see: “Lemon Juice from concentrate with Added Ingredients”..This is what we need to look for on the labels.. The quick look at the label would make anyone think that this bottle of lemon juice is just as good as a fresh lemon and it is not!  The real deal is that it contains 100% Lemon Juice but it comes from a lemon juice concentrate, Sodium benzoate has the chemical formula NaC7H5O2; it is a widely used food preservative.  Your body has to find a way to process this chemical.  It is not familiar to your body and it puts stress on your organs.

This is a very simple example of putting unnecessary stress on your body organs.  And we are only talking about Lemon Juice!!

Quick Tip:   Lemons, lemons everywhere, use the fresh lemon!! Cook with them, and put the juice on your skin as an astringent with coconut oil.

Ok, we are just talking about lemon juice here.  Check all of the  ingredients on every label, and do not be fooled….. Take charge of your life.


Eat Fat and get Skinny!!

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How Does Your Body Use Fat?  Here’s the Skinny on Fat!

Fat is an important source of energy, and helps the absorption of some compounds.  Fat also insulates your body and cushions your major organs.

At 9 calories per gram, compared with 4 calories per gram for both carbohydrates and protein, fat is a major fuel source for your body.  Your body has an unlimited ability to store excess energy (calories) as fat.  In fact, your fat reserves have the capacity to enlarge as much as 1,000 times their original size, as more fat is added.  If your cells fill to capacity, your body can add more fat cells.  It is recommended that 20 to 35 percent of your daily calories should come from healthy fats. Your heart, liver, and resting muscles prefer fat as their fuel source, which spares glucose to be used for your nervous system and red blood cell.  In fact, fat is your main source of energy throughout the day.  This fat stored in your fat cells provides a backup source of energy between meals.  In a famine situation, some individuals could last months without eating, depending upon the extent of their fat stores and the availability of adequate fluids.  Fat allows you to absorb fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Different types of Fats

Saturated Fatty Acid– also known as Stearic Acid is solid at room temperature. It can be found in meat, cocoa butter(in chocolate), coffee creamer, whole milk, cream cheese, cheeseburger, beef, (red meat) hot dog, butter, nachos with cheese, and vanilla ice cream.  Coconuts, and palm kernel oils, are very high in saturated fats. (This fat should be limited or eliminated for the diet)

Trans Fats– provide a richer texture to foods, and a longer shelf life, and better resistance to rancidity that unsaturated fats.  Many manufacturers use them in many commercially made food products from cottonseed oil.  It is found in cookies, cakes, and crackers, fried chips, snacks, and doughnuts. Tran’s fats are frequently used for frying at fast-food restaurants.  Tran’s fats must now be listed of food labels. (These fats should be avoid from the diet)

Unsaturated Fats– are abundant in vegetable oils, such as soybean, corn, and canola oils, as well as soybeans, walnuts, flaxseed, and wheat germ.  Found in lean meats, vegetables, dairy foods, skinless poultry and oil-based spreads.

Essential Fatty Acids-these fats are essential in the diet to protect our cells from damage and to help with absorption of foods.  Omega 3 Fatty Acids- helps keep cell membrane healthy.  They are heart healthy.  Good sources for omega 3’s are Lobster, Cod, Tuna, Shrimp, Crab, Sardines, Herring, Avocados, and Salmon. Make your own ground turkey burger on a whole grain bun instead. Add lettuce, a slice of avocado and tomato, and you won’t miss the red meat or the mayo!

Switching from a typical western diet to a Mediterranean diet seem difficult if you’re not used to olive oil, fish and some of the vegetables and seasonings often associated with this region.

The Mediterranean diet has a reputation for being a model of healthy eating. It is rich in olive oil, grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fish, but low in meat, dairy products and alcohol.   Red wine, allowed!!

    Walnuts are good fats                   My Food Pics for Food Challenge!

Wrapping it up: The best way to minimize both dietary cholesterol and saturated fat intake, is to keep your portions of lean meat, skinless poultry, and fish to about 6oz daily.  Use only nonfat or low fat dairy foods.  Use vegetable and olive oil for cooking and dressings, avoid saturated fatty foods.

There are two main types of potentially harmful dietary fat — fat that is mostly saturated and fat that contains trans fat:

  • Saturated fat. This is a type of fat that comes mainly from animal sources of food, such as red meat, poultry and full-fat dairy products. Saturated fat raises total blood cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, which can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fat may also increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Trans fat. This is a type of fat that occurs naturally in some foods in small amounts. But most trans fats are made from oils through a food processing method called partial hydrogenation. By partially hydrogenating oils, they become easier to cook with and less likely to spoil than do naturally occurring oils. Research studies show that these partially hydrogenated trans- fats can increase unhealthy LDL cholesterol and lower healthy high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. This can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Healthier dietary fat
  • The types of potentially helpful dietary fat are mostly unsaturated:
  • Most fats that have a high percentage of saturated fat or that contain trans- fats are solid at room temperature. Because of this, they’re typically referred to as solid fats. They include beef fat, pork fat, butter, shortening and stick margarine.
  • Monounsaturated fat. This is a type of fat found in a variety of foods and oils. Studies show that eating foods rich in monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) improves blood cholesterol levels, which can decrease your risk of heart disease. Research also shows that MUFAs may benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control, which can be especially helpful if you have type 2 diabetes.
  • Polyunsaturated fat. This is a type of fat found mostly in plant-based foods and oils. Evidence shows that eating foods rich in polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) improves blood cholesterol levels, which can decrease your risk of heart disease. PUFAs may also help decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. One type of polyunsaturated fat is made up of mainly omega-3 fatty acids and may be especially beneficial to your heart. Omega-3, found in some types of fatty fish, appears to decrease the risk of coronary artery disease. It may also protect against irregular heartbeats and help lower blood pressure levels. There are plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. However, the body doesn’t convert it and use it as well as omega-3 from fish.
  • Foods made up mostly of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature, such as olive oil, safflower oil, peanut oil and corn oil. Fish high in omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, sardines and herring. Plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids include flaxseed (ground), oils (canola, flaxseed, soybean), and nuts and other seeds (walnuts, butternuts and sunflower).

” remember to make a memory every day and don’t apologize for who you are”! …..Rebecca

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Hugs, Essential Oils, and my March Madness!

cropped-cropped-rebecca-moran-business-picture.jpgHello everyone and thank you for visiting…….Make a memory every day, and don’t apologize for who you are!

March is one of my favorite months. March is Health Month.

Many of you know that I take care of my dad, who is 90 years old.  He has been missing our mother so much lately I can’t even explain it to you.  Now I will tell you that my dad is in a wheelchair 90% of the time.  While he was crying one day, I bent over to give him a hug.  The hug lasted for a few minutes, my back was straining to actually give him a simple hug.  It was then that I realized how few HUGS that my dad really gets.  It made me think of all of the elderly people in wheelchairs, our Veterans, children and adults that have been stricken with debilitating muscular diseases, etc. that are missing our on getting or giving a HUG!  Just one Hug will boost your endorphins and make you feel extremely happy and them too.  So give a hug to someone that can’t stand on their own.  It is extremely hard for them to initiate the gesture.

Hugs are so important!

Hugs are so important!

I had a friend of mine ask me last week about Essential Oils.  Essential Oils can be used as Aromatherapy, Ingesting, or as a Messaging oil. Some of you may already use them on a daily basis.  Essential Oils go back many, many years.

What is an essential oil? An essential oil is a liquid aromatic compound, which extracted from specific parts of the plants such as seeds, flowers, leaves, bark, wood, roots or peel.

For example, while in extraction of sandalwood, all of these aromatic cells are in the bark, whereas in the case of roses, these aromatic cells are in petals.
They have been known to treat many ailments, soothe muscles, calm nerves, and put you in a better spirit.  One of the most common used is Lavender. It induces a very calming effect on us.

Some of the essential oils that I use on a daily basis and recommend are:

Organic Coconut Oil, I use this for almost everything, Cooking, hair, skin, and nails.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil, I use a few drops in my bathwater, and on linens for a good nights sleep.

Rescue Remedy Essential Oil, I use this to relieve stress.  It is made from Cherry Plum, Clematis, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.  It restores a sense of calm.  It is gentle and safe for the entire family to use.(do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding) just 4 drops under your tongue.

Organic Metabolic Essential Oil Supplement, I use this as a way to control my hunger.  Ingredients: Grapefruit Peel, Ginger Root, Lemon Peel, Peppermint Plant, and Cinnamon Bark. (dilute 4 drops in four ounces of liquid) daily.

Note: Essential Oils can be harmful to children, women who are breast feeding and pregnant.  Please read the label before using any essential oils.

My March Madness!- My seeds have sprouted and beginning to grow.  Arugula, Basil, Thyme, Dill and Rosemary.  It is so easy to do.  Plant the seeds with plenty of water, put them in a dark warm place.  After about 2 days you will see them sprouting.  Place them in a sunny window and watch them grow.  Transplant when the weather gets warm or place them in decorative metal barrels or buckets and put them on your deck or yard.  That way they are easier to bring in for the winter!

My March Madness Arugula, Dill, Thyme and Basil.

Rosemary  My Rosemary from last year!


Finished Family Room- As promised! Turned out really nice. A fresh coat of paint and some new carpet!

As promised a picture of the Family Room, re-painted and new carpeting.


Featured image

2015 Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for visiting.I started off my New Year by re designing my Family Room!

January 2015 014 Before and AfterBefore, change is Positive, great for the spirit!

Can’t wait to show you the finished product.  Stayed tuned. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Since February represents Heart Health Month, I wanted to share a personal story.   When I was 38 yrs old, I had a heart attack.  It was  a wake up call for me to be mindful of my body and how I feel each day. My heart attack was caused from a blood clot.  When I got to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa. , the doctors ask me what my symptoms were.( Symptoms for women are different). My symptoms were: No energy for a few days before; taking the steps was almost impossible; feeling of having something stuck in my throat; pale, no color, even grayish; the feeling of a hot burning (like a poker) in my back; and lastly, the numbing feeling running down my left arm!  That is when I really knew that I was having a heart attack.  All I could think of was ” what if I died?”  My children were young ages 18, 17, 13, and 11.   Scary!

It takes a lifetime to mess it up, but we can always improve our health.  Through knowledge, and determination, It can be done!!

The best Diet  for your heart is the Mediterranean Diet.



It really does not matter how old or young you are, you can make an impact on your muscles, fat, mind, spirit, and nutrition. BE MINDFUL. Every day….


Did you know that one of the best ways to stay healthy during the winter months is to bundle up and take a walk. Just 20 minutes will do your mind and body good.


FOR YOUR SKIN, releases TOXINS and soothes your skin.


Lavender infused olive oil scrub: Mix sea salt-1cup, with olive oil and lemon juice. Mix to make a consistency that you can rub on your skin to remove dead cells. Rinse and towel dry. Feels great!


I must say that my favorite Christmas gift was from my children, there were many, but my new Dutch Oven is great!

FOR YOUR BODY–  Good Nutrition

My Quick Kale Soup: 1 container of beef stock

2 lbs. curly kale (removed from the spine) washed and dried

1 large yellow onion chopped medium

5 garlic cloves diced

2 teaspoons of salt

1 teaspoon of pepper

1/2 fresh lemon, squeeze right over the pot

1 can of black beans (drained)

Make lots, and eat lots, so good. Takes about 20 minutes to make.

Throw it all into the pot!  Bring to a boil, then simmer, then, READY TO EAT!  (Optional, protein, diced chicken)


Food of the month Fresh Pineapple

Fresh Pineapple is sweet and delicious.  It has many health benefits.  Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, Manganese, and contains a special group of enzymes called Bromelain, which functions both as a digestive aid and anti-inflammatory compound.  Bromelain is a unique group of enzymes found in fresh Pineapples that helps break down protein and aids in digestion  it can also be purchased in powder form.  Canned or cooked Pineapples  contain no Bromelain because the Pineapples are heated to the boiling point which deactivates the enzyme.  Pineapples should not be combined with yogurt or cottage cheese until immediately before serving as the Bromelain will  break down the proteins in these foods, altering their flavor and texture.

On the other hand, adding Pineapple to a marinade for meat or poultry will not only add extra flavor to these foods, but will also help tenderize them.  To take full advantage of Bromelains’s enzyme activity, eat one to two hours before or after eating so it is not sitting in our stomach or small intestine right next to the proteins in or food.  This would be the best way to make use of its anti-inflammatory benefits.  I eat if for sinus infections.

Bromelainis a useful adjunctive therapy for bronchitis,  pneumonia, sinusitis, and inflammation of RA.

Recipes: Pineapple Chicken Salad; Pineapple Shish-Ka-Bobs; Pineapple Salsa; Pineapple Smoothie

1 cup of pineapple contains only 76 calories!  Fresh pineapple can last for up to 5 days and best served at room temperature.


“Make a memory every day and don’t apologize for who you are”…Rebecca

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