Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods, good for the Gut.

There are numerous news stories in the media about our Gut Floral and how to get it.  The answer is by eating Fermented Foods.  Yes, fermented foods are very good for our tummies.

For example:  Miso is a fermented soy bean paste.  It has many supporting properties including 13-20 percent protein.  It copies an amino acid pattern, almost like meat.  It is special in the way that it contains live lactobacillus that is live food, and aids in the digestion process.  It adds flavor to our foods, and creates an alkaline balance in our system which promotes disease fighting properties. 

Rejuvelac is a fermented drink that contains friendly bacteria to our guts.  It is made from wheat berries.  It is used as a drink and added to sauces, breads, sauces and dressings. 

Kimchi is the most popular of the fermented foods.  It is made from cabbage.  It is a Korean dish that contains a variety of nutritional benefits.  It is made from Napa Cabbage, salt, garlic, ginger, and scallions.  The Koreans add a fish sauce and gochutgaru, which is a Korean type of chili flake. This is what gives it the spicy flavor.  It is then marinated and fermented for long periods of time.  It contains a spicy and savory taste.

Pickles are another vegetable that can be fermented.  They create an acid alkaline balance in our body.  They are brined pickles and are cured for several weeks.  This process produces the healthy fermentative bacteria that is good for our guts. 

Yogurt is everywhere!  But not all yogurts are the same.  Many that claim to be healthy for our guts, contain lots of sugar.  Yogurt can be very confusing.  Yogurt is made when bacteria change the Lactose in milk into lactic acid.  When shopping for yogurt that contains good bacteria, you should choose Plain Yogurt! Adding organic berries, a drizzle of high-quality honey, will make this a delicious and healthy choice.

Tempeh is a relative of Tofu, but the difference is that Tempeh is fermented and Tofu is not.  It is also high in protein.  It is often used in place of meat.

Kefir is a grain that is added to milk that promotes fermentation.  It tastes creamy and is great to add to a breakfast shake.  It is very high in the amino acid Tryptophan.  You can also purchase Kefir milk.

Sauerkraut, also made from cabbage is a delicious side dish that is high in vitamin C.  It is a very versatile fermented food.  You can top many dishes such as sandwiches, soups, side dish to any meal.  Try some avocado on top!  

Apple Cider Vinegar has been around for the ages.  It can be used is so many different ways.  It is good for kidney health, as well as our gut floral.  You can drink a shot, with your morning routine, or add it to dressings, marinates, salad dressings, and olive oil.

By eating badly, we create bacteria in our guts.  It makes our organs susceptible to disease.  Eating fermented foods are the best way to clear our guts of this harmful bacteria.  It also aids in digestion.