Grilling Tips for Summertime

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Its summertime and everyone is craving some grilled foods! Especially me, it’s a great time to get out of the kitchen and cook.

You can grill almost anything. Fruits, Vegetables, and meats.

When grilling outside make sure that you are using an oil that has a higher flash point. We tend to cook things at a higher temperature when grilling. If you use a regular olive oil, you may be causing more harm than good nutrition. I would recommend using an Avocado Oil for all of your grilling. This is very important because cooking with oils, butter at a high temperature to get that char, can become toxic as it will change the balance of the foods to cancer-causing chemicals called heterocyclic amines.

Cooking meat that are high in fat, at high temperatures produces these cancer-causing chemicals. Just the meat, fat drippings, into the flames can cause this chemical reaction. Now, I don’t want you to ditch grilling, but maybe try these tips when you are:

1-Choose lean cuts of meat, grass fed beef, chicken or fish. There is less fat in these proteins.

Fish like Tilapia should not be grilled. It has minimal protein value.

The best way to prepare fish is prepare Salmon, Shrimp, Halibut, etc. place on aluminum foil and wax paper Salt n Pepper, Lemon juice plus a thin slice, and thyme, plus a drizzle of avocado oil and a dab of real butter. You can even add peppers sliced thin, onions, tomatoes and or asparagus. Wrapp tightly in the foil and wax paper. Grill for 12 minutes. Can’t go wrong with this dish for summertime grilling. So healthy and delicious. You can also add cauliflower rice to make it a complete meal.

2Grilled fruits and Shellfish are a healthy option also.

Grilling peaches, pineapple, and other fruits are great because they contain no protein. Grilling fruits and vegetables are not only nutritious and healthy, but flat out delicious!!!

When grilling fruits, grill them face down and then flip. It only takes about 6-8 minutes.

3- When grilling vegetables, include onions and fresh cloves of garlic. Do the same with them as the fish that I described earlier. Wax paper and foil is the best. Add salt, pepper, lemon or lime, and fresh thyme, basil, garlic, turmeric, etc. Cook for about 6-8 minutes.

4-Grilling shelled fish such as clams, mussels, lobster, and oysters! Such a succulent delight!!!

There are no worries here with carcinogens. These proteins are lean not in the fat department. The outer shell protects the protein as to not leach out into the cooking process.

All you need is butter, and lemon or lime juice and a basting brush. It’s a grilling adventure, healthy, nutritious, and delicious.

Have a wonderful summer. Remember to make a memory each day, and don’t apologize for who you are….Rebecca