Lemons and Limes…put them on your healthy list…

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Lemons and limes were used back in the Gold Rush days, in 1848, to prevent scurvy. They didn’t realize that it wasn’t the lemon, but the vitamin C, that the lemon contained that provided protection from scurvy. That was in 1932!

Since then lemons and limes have been used in many ways, and should be part of your healthiest way of eating.

Lemons and limes add great flavor to any food and are only 15 calories per 1/4 cup. They contain 28 mg of vitamin C. You can get them year round and are found to have powerful antioxidant properties. Lemons and limes are acidic, but they have a low chemical pH level. They leave behind an alkaline result, which is where our bodies like to be! This helps to reduce inflammation in our joints.

Buy Organic! Wash before using them. Look for lemons that are fully ripe and large in size with smooth thin skin. Limes are best to buy around May through August, but can also be found year round also.

Lemons and limes can be grilled when cooking a protein such as fish or chicken. Limes go well with beef and steaks, also chicken.

I use lime on my Oven Roasted Shrimp, to stuff a Turkey, my Ceviche and Avocado recipe. One of my favorite dishes is Lemon Chicken, with a white wine reduction. Use them on salads and in just a glass of water for breakfast to start your day. It has the ability to help cleanse your liver.

Quinoa and brown rice are delicious with a squeeze of lime juice, peas, diced grilled chicken, onions, and chopped walnuts.


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  1. Thanks for reminding me of things to do with lemons and limes …. and my nephew always puts a slice on a Corona (beer) … perfect right now

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