Wellness, what does it really mean…

Wellness, is a noun, and means: The state of being in good health. There are 7 dimensions of Wellness.

Physical-be active. Walking is one of the best exercises that you can do. Its a good cardio exercise. Also weight bearing exercises helps us to build good bones and muscle. Grab your dog or husband or your best friend and get outside.

Emotional-meditation is very helpful when dealing with emotions. I wrote a blog last week about “just sleep on it”! Try not to react to your emotions to quickly. Adrenaline is a hormone that kicks in when we become emotional. It makes us feel like we want to flee or fight. Stay calm and breathe. Or even sleep on it. You will make a better decision on the outcome.

Intellectual-our mental capacity. Try learning new things keeps our brain young and working. Challenge your brain by taking up a new sport, crossword puzzles, or reading a book.

Social-keep yourself surrounded by good people and family. Having a best friend to do and share things with is very important. Everyone needs to feel needed and loved. Laugh and love!

Spiritual-believe in something. whatever religion that you practice, or even if you don’t practice a faith, just believe in something bigger than yourself. But also believe in yourself.

Environmental-water pollution, air pollutants, and natural resource depletion. These are some of the major environmental issues that we are faced with every day. Have a good filtration system for your water in your home, protect your eyes and lungs with a mask and glasses.

Occupational-this can be very challenging. Handling workplace stress, and co worker relationships are tough. Exercise, meditating, and breathing, helps calm nerves and feelings of hopelessness.

Wellness is most important as we age. Balance, endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility start to become challenging. So go do something different than your regular workouts. Yoga is great for all of these challenges. Stretching, also try to put your pants on standing on one foot!

Get out there and do something challenging and new!!!!!

“,.,..,make a memory everyday, and don’t apologize for who you are!”


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