So What are you worried about?

Hello and thank you for visiting..

I am worried about my older family members, nursing home patients, my grandchildren, and people that have compromised immune systems, diabetes, obesity, and predisposed lung issued.

I worry about how the world is dealing with this Pandemic.

I worry about how many will die.

I worry about the families that can not be with their terminally ill family members.

I worry about children that are critically ill.

I worry about how our world will recover.

I worry about how this isolation situation will change our lives. Hopefully in a good way!

I worry about our health crisis…not being taken seriously.

I worry about small businesses.

I worry about the new economic world, and how it is going to survive.

I miss my children, and grandchildren. I’m a hugger.. I miss that too!

Lets all help flatten the curve… and suck it up for a few more weeks!!!

Maybe we will all be able to look forward to the summer months… and have a prosperous and fun summer.

During these times, maybe we can learn to look at our family, friends and enemies through their eyes, not ours, and see a different future!

Remember to make a memory every day, and don’t apologize for who you are….Rebecca

Hugs are so important!
We need to get back to this!