Walking to improve your health..

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays..thank you for visiting.

With the Holidays fast approaching, I wanted to talk about maintaining your health as we to indulge into the Christmas festivities. There are lots of temptations to derail our diets. One think that can help you indulge and keep you on track it Walking. It is a great way to burn those extra calories and fun to do.

Go the distance. Find a partner or go it alone, family, pets, and or a friend. The only thing that you will need is a good supportive pair of walking shoes, and warm coat, hat and gloves.

Studies show that even a small amount of brisk walking can improve your health. Almost anyone can do it! Walking at any age, from a child’s age through your 70’s. Walking is the most inexpensive exercise that you can do, plus it is a great time to reflect, meditate, and of course the fresh air will give your mind and body a boost. Your endorphins will kick in and make you very happy! There are lost of benefit from just taking a walk.

1-Before and after you walk you should wake up your walking muscles, to help burn more calories. Skip stretching and just mimic walking in place.

2-Fuel your walk by eating a light carbohydrate rich snack such as a banana or greek yogurt. Do this about 20 minutes before lacing up! “Why?”, you ask. Because this prevents blood sugars from dropping.

3-After your walk, eat a complex carbohydrate, protein combo, veggies, chicken, salmon, black beans.

4-Trak your steps if you like on your Smart Phone app or a Fitbit and see just how many steps that you do in one walk. For an average person, it takes 2000 steps to walk 1 mile. The desired is 10,000 steps per day which is about 5 mile! Walking 5,000 or 10,000 steps a day will certainly improve your fitness.

5-What happens when you walk? Well first of all your heart rate revs up from about 70 to 100 beats per minute (bpm), warming muscles, and your joints begin to release lubricating fluid and you burn on average 5 calories per minute, compared to 1 per minute at rest.

6-Your heart rate increases to about 140 (bpm’s), now you are burning 6 calories per minute, and your blood vessels expand to release heat. You will then will start to sweat. Your body releases hormones, and endorphins, which makes you feel happy and grateful.

7-Insulin, which helps store fat, drops as you burn more fat. Your body will continue to burn calories up to 1 hour after walking. You just need to sit and relax, you body will do the rest! Walking helps you relax and improve sleep patterns. It improves your heart health, and lowers cholesterol, reduces your risk o f diabetes, builds immunity to diseases, strengthens your muscles and bones, and improves your lungs. Plus it just makes you feel HAPPY!!!

I challenge you all to start a walking regiment…

Let me know how you feel!

Make a memory every day and don’t apologize for who you are … rebecca