The Components of a Healthy Life..

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The components of health are all interrelated.  Environmental, Physical, Psychological, Social, Spiritual, and Intellectual.  The holistic approach to understanding wellness is a combination of all of these elements.  We focus mostly on loosing weight and eating better, but optimal satisfaction is a combination of all of the above.  Here we go…

Environmental health has the biggest effect on our lives.  It is the conditions of where people live, work and play.  Waste management, social problems, (crime and family violence), clean air and clean water…  a little ditty-We are on a well,  when we moved into our home the water tested positive for arsenic!  I was freaked our.. we learned the reason was that there was a crack in our water tank.  The tank was fixed and an ultraviolet system installed.  Since then, we have it tested regularly.  Testing cost is only $30-$50.

Physical health, refers to the condition of our organs.  Heart, (blood vessels),  respiratory (lungs), reproductive and nervous systems.  When our organs are not functioning properly a person will show signs of illness.  Before I had my heart attack many years ago,  I remember feeling so tired.  I had no energy, carrying a laundry basket full of clean clothes up the stairs was certainly a workout, I remember it all so well.  That was a sign of something being wrong..

Physiological health, involves how we deal with everyday challenges.  We all have stress and challenges in our lifetime.  It is how we choose to deal with them that can make a difference.  Exercise has always been my way of dealing with stress.  It doesn’t take it all away, but it helps me think clearer, boosts my immune system,(keeps me from getting sick), and gives me a more positive feeling about the situation.

Social health, surrounding yourself with family, good friends and even a pet will help develop a positive social atmosphere.  I join a gym and involve myself with Hospice (volunteer) whenever I move to another place.  This has helped me find new friends and opened doors to a new social life.

Intellectual health, helps people feel better and in control of their lives.  I recently finished college, and received one degree and became certified in two other areas of health.  I personally love learning and being challenged.  We are never to old and no one can take what we achieve away from us!

Spiritual health, is believing in something bigger than ourselves.  It can be a religious group or believing is a supreme being.  This can be achieved through meditation, relaxation, and spiritually.  It gives us a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction.  I meditate, reflect and am grateful a few times per day.  It doesn’t take much time, just a few minutes out of your day.

So basically what I am trying to get across to everyone is that a healty life requires maitenance.  It is not just about eating right and working out, it is a lifestyle.  It can be passed on to our children and grandchildren for years to come.  It is the ultimate way to health, longevity, and happiness.  Keep this checklist to make sure that you are on the road to a happy life….

Nutrition….I found something new that I love.  A substitute for pasta “Organic Black Bean Spagetti”! It is made from only black beans.  Per serving, 5g of sugar, but a whopping 25g of protein, 2g of sodium and 18g of carbs.  I found it at Shop N Save, delicious.

GMO’s are approved.  Due to a recent study by the FDA.  There are only 3 states that require non GMO labeling as of now. (GMO-Elizabeth Wise, USAtoday).

Parsley-is related to celery.  It is native to the Mediterranean region of Southern Italy.  It is used in many ways: Parsley pesto, as garnish, Taboouli, chopped and sprinkled on fish, chicken and in many soups.  It is high in vitamin K, A, Beta-Carotene, Folate and Lutein.  It is often used as a natural breath clenser, diuretic, and for digestion upsets.

Users bewhere of the fact that parsley contains Oxalates (oxalic acid), which are naturally occuring substances found in plants, animals and humans. Quick info:  Our bodies naturally contain oxalates, and our cells naturally convert other substances to oxalates.  Vitamin C and black tea are some of them… Kidney stones are formed from calcium oxalate stones.  So if you are succeptable to kidney stones, restricting or limiting these oxalates will significantly reduce the risk of forming stones.

The color Gray! Hooray!  Recently I have been consulting with several clients about colors for their interior spaces.  Gray seems to be the top requested color.  Grey is a cool tone, and is considered neutral and a balanced color.  It is considered sophisticated, and conservative but some think it looks dull and dirty.  I personally like the color gray because it can have warm tones and others cool tones.   Therefore you can use gray in many different ways.  It is a positive color.  It stands for intelligence, stability, neutrality and compromise.  It can also be negative in that it brings on the feeling of dampness, dreariness and a lack of energy.  So pick wisely.  And have fun with spring painting.

“make  a memory every day and don’t apologize for who you are….”