Curb Cravings for the holidays! Eat to Support Blood Sugar Control


Hi everyone and thank you for visiting.  It’s the Holidays and we all are temped by snacking, drinking, and overeating.  This happens every year.  It seems that we are constantly confused by what to eat  and how to dieting during the Holidays and is the number one headline on every magazine at the check out line of the grocery store.

The fact is that it is pretty hard to gain weight over the Holidays.  You have to reduce your activities, sleep less, eat and drink more, as a matter of fact, 3500 calories more  each week!  That’s 500 extra calories per day.  (So for 7 days you have to eat an extra 500 calories, or reduce your activity to reduce burning 500 calories).

What you need to realize are these simple facts.  When you eat concentrated sugars, refined grains, and other sources of simple carbohydrates, (sodas, cakes, pies, candy, white bread, etc.) they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar.  These types of sugars are considered High on the Glycemic Index.

In response to eating these types of foods (High Glycemic) , the body boosts secretions of insulin by the pancreas.  High sugar, junk food diets definitely lead to poor blood sugar regulation, obesity, and ultimately type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  It puts our bodies under so much stress that this type of diet can eventually lead to cancer as well. The pancreas also starts to wear out and does not function properly, because it is constantly under the stress of reacting to a High Glycemic Load.   This type of diet is considered to contain empty calories, meaning that your body gets minimal or no usable nutrients for optimal performance.

If we all ate to support our blood sugar control, weight gain would not happen over the holidays or ever.  In essence, foods that are mostly water (apples and watermelon), fiber (beets, carrots, popcorn) are relatively low on the glycemic index.  Here is a printable version of the Glycemic Index Food Chart  This is a great website.

I promise that if you follow a Low GI regiment and eat reasonable portions of food over the holidays you will not gain that extra weight!  Making healthy changes now will ensure you that you will be spending many Happy Holidays with your family and friends to come.

One big tip that I do.  When drinking my wine I snack on mostly protein and veggies.  Nuts,and lean meats, (chicken or fish). Do not pair alcohol with salty snacks and creamy dips.



Red is color of the Holidays!  What does the color red symbolize?  Red means stop, Red is Patriotic, Red is Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day.

It is Excitement, Energy, Passion, Love, Speed, Strength, Power, Heat, Anger, Violence,  It has also been associated with

Physiological Hunger? Maybe that’s why we want to eat more over the holidays.  Food for thought.


Merry Christmas to all!

Remember to “create a memory each day, and don’t apologize for who you are….”