SUMMERTIME FOOD FACTS! Healthier choices for kids.

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting! I am enjoying the beautiful summer and having fun with family and friends and being outdoors!
This is the season for outdoor grilling, everything from vegetables, fruits and meats, just throw it on the grill, it tastes so much better that way.
While summer grilling is fun and delicious, I wanted to share a few tips on making it healthy for everyone, especially the little ones.
Meat lacks the antioxidants an phytochemicals that protect against cancer. At the same time, it contains lots of saturated fat and other potentially carcinogenic compounds including pesticide residues. When cooking meat at a high temperature, the more well don the meat, the higher levels of amines (carcinogenic compounds) the meat contains. These chemicals react in the stomach to form highly carcinogenic compounds known as nitrosamines.
I know that our ancestors ate meat, and we are encouraged to eat meat in various diets such as The Atkins Diet. The difference is that our ancestors ate wild meat which is much leaner than our meat today. Our meat contains 25%-30% more fat!! Corn-fed domesticated beef contains primarily saturated fats with no benefit to our overall health.
Hot Dogs are the number one grilling meat, followed by hamburgers. These foods contain sodium nitrates that keep the food from spoiling, it gives meat “shelf life”!
There are many foods that contain nitrates such as: hot dogs, bacon, hamburgers, ham, lunch meats, red meats, sausage, red meat, and smoked meats. What is most compelling is the evidence linking nitrates with cancer, especially in children. Many childhood cancers such as leukemia, lymphomas, and brain cancers.
Here are some facts for children:
1-Children who eat 12 hotdogs per month have nearly 10 times the risk of leukemia compared with children who do not eat hot dogs.
2-Children who eat hot dogs once a week double their chances of brain tumors.
3-Pregnant women who eat two servings per day of any cured meat have more than double the risk of bearing children who will eventually develop brain cancer.
4-Kids who eat the most ham, bacon, and sausage have three times the risk of lymphoma.
In addition, kids who eat ground meat once a week have twice the risk of acute lymphocytic leukemia compared with those who eat none, eating two or more hamburgers weekly triples the risk.
What to do? There are many vegetarian substitutes and alternatives, just check in your grocery’s health food section. Fish, chicken, vegetables, veggie burgers, and veggie dogs, also grilled portabella mushrooms, (they taste like meat when grilled). They really do taste good!
As a mother of 4 and grandmother of 6, I want to share what I have learned.

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